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Nutrition Tips

If you are one of those indulging in rich food such as fries, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets etc. accompanied by lots of beer, you are sure to be a prime candidate for a weigh loss program. The abovementioned type of nutrition will take its toll on your body and sooner or later you will realise you need to change such a toxic lifestyle and return to the saddle of healthy living. More especially if you are indulging in such types of food without doing any exercise at all.

The first step

The first step you have to take is to stop drinking. Drinking leads to other bad food habits and together they are prime culprits for your present day appearance and poor health.

Take up some light exercise

Since you may be already overweight and out of condition, you should start doing some light exercises like walking. Done regularly this will help you to shed a few pounds. Once you achieve slightly better health, you could take up swimming. The combined effort of giving up drinking and eating more nutritious food will soon see the pounds coming off and this will prove good motivation to keep going.

Facing the challenges

At some stage during your weight loss jouney you will feel that losing weight professionally is not all that easy. You have to persevere and maintain the right diet – all the while ramping up the exercise routines. Keeping to the right diet can be difficult. A good tip would be to have your meals made in advance.

If you had to prepare a meal from scratch after exercising, you might probably end up eating anything that was available – thus losing track of your diet needs. At some stage you might reach a static weight figure and wonder if this is the end game! Not at all, you just need to increase your workouts – adding cycling to your outdoor activities could help a lot.

Looking at the past and present

Before you start you need to take pictures of yourself. Then as you progress from month to month shedding pounds you can look at the picture and realise the gains you have made and how much better you look now. This practice is another great motivator when it comes to shedding weight.

Nutrition tips

On nutrition, besides eating healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, etc. you could also add on supplements. A few good supplements are as follows: Multi-vitamins, Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil. These supplements added to a diet of eggs, milk, oatmeal, bananas, protein shakes, tuna, string cheese, fresh salads, brown rice, broccoli, and lots of fresh fruit will definitely ensure that your body has the right type of nutrition and will support the workouts that you will perform.


Once you make the above necessary changes in your diet and join a good body transformation programme to help you to shed those excess pounds there will be no looking back. You will be on your way to a better, newer healthier you.