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Want to Lose Weight? Join a 12 Week Body Transformation Programme

If your body is so out of shape and large that it is embarrassing for you to move around socially, go into a store to buy clothes, or just feel too lethargic to get down to doing things, you should think seriously of joining a 12 week body transformation programme. Well, even if you are in a bit better shape but are still carrying around un-wanted pounds, a 12 week body transformation programme is recommended for weight loss.

Why 12 weeks?

Taking on any commitment for a somewhat longish period will take a lot of will and effort on your part to stay the course. A 12 week body transformation programme will prove challenging and difficult and there could be times when you might want to opt out. There are times on really cold mornings when you would prefer to lie in bed rather than dress and head for the gym.

Other times you might not get a good night’s sleep, making it difficult to be up and ready to do challenging exercises. But if you stay the course you will not only find you are accomplishing your goal, but also that you are leading a more active and healthy life.

12 week body transformation

At the end of 12 weeks

If you had taken your measurements and a picture of yourself before you started the 12 week body transformation programme, you will definitely be amazed at how wonderfully you have shed pounds of fat, gained muscle and cut body fat almost to half its original percentage.

Some helpful tips

  • Workouts are best done in the morning. So when you get up in the morning drink a couple of glasses water and then start on the workout. Do this routine for 6 days in the week around the same time every morning.
  • Of the 6 days mentioned above you should keep 3 days to do weight lifting. On one day exercise the upper body and the next day exercise the lower body. Follow this routine during the whole programme. On the other 3 days do cardio exercises. You could go on the treadmill or any other machine of your choice. Exercise at intervals of 20 minutes each. You can start at a slower pace for the first 2 minutes and then start increasing slowly till you reach the maximum intensity, then reduce speed, followed by cooling off.
  • Not to lose sight of the good things you enjoy, on Sundays you can go to town on your food menu. Eat all your favourite items such as ice cream, maple syrup, pizza etc. By breaking the 6-day week routine your body will not feel it is being starved. Indulging on Sundays will also help you to maintain a healthy diet for the rest of the week. With this routine you will slowly go off craving for rich and unhealthy foods.

The best advice when joining a body transformation programme is to stick with the programme. You should not get discouraged easily and maybe weigh yourself regularly during the first weeks. You should measure your body fat before the programme starts. Also take a couple of photographs. When you have completed the 12 week body transformation programme you can take fresh photographs and you will be able to see the difference the programme has made to your life.

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Give a Boost to Your Fitness Routine

If you are in slightly decent shape, you still need to take a good deal of care to remain fit.

One of the main areas in the body that we need to be watchful for, is the belly. A weighht loss program includes exercises that are ideal for dropping fat from the belly area. The programme also helps you to tighten up the buttocks and tone up the thighs.

When you achieve these changes you will become more confident and definitely have more energy. The self consciousness you may have felt before will disappear and you will present a happier picture. Most body transformation programmes use advance training and suitable nutrition techniques to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

boost your fitness

Workouts that burn fat

The workouts that are used are structured in such a way so as to progressively burn fat to the maximum. The training is done at intervals of high intensity which helps you to get fitter at a faster rate. The workouts also have the advantage of after burn, helping you to burn fat for another couple of days. Once the fat starts to burn off you will feel much stronger, your posture will improve and your body will appear toned and tight.

How nutrition helps

Besides the above fat burning workouts, the program also offers a fat blasting formula. This is an easy method which involves eating nutritious and healthy food. Such a diet helps to balance the hormones and fires up the metabolism which in turn blasts the fat from the body’s stubborn areas.

A healthy diet will also decrease any cravings you may have for rich food. To help you make the right decisions on what foods to eat, the programme gives you daily tips, recipes, etc. to help you to stay motivated and on track. Keep in mind that the diet mentioned above does not involve any calorie counting, starving or continuously weighing on the scales.

Getting a helpful boost

When you join a weightloss program you will get access to support form those running the programme. You will be able to get answers to any queries you may have as also talk to other members in the programme. This proves very useful and helpful and you will not feel you are on your own.


By joining a this type of program to give a boost to your fitness routine you will –

  • Get results that are guaranteed.
  • Not be subjected to diets that make you count calories or feel starved.
  • With the right diet you will have more energy and most importantly, get rid of the unwanted body fat.
  • With fat loss you will enjoy better health.
  • You will be able to make better food choices.
  • Best of all, once you change your habits for the better, you will not need to go on a diet again.