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How to Find Your First Training Clients

Finding anything is normally achieved by going ‘looking for it’. What you want to find are ‘clients’. Well clients are people and since you see people all over the place, this method might not actually fit the bill.

What you need here are ‘specialised people’ – people who are looking for ways and means to get a fit and healthy lifestyle. So what are your options and how do you build up such a list? Courses will probably have this topic on their schedule, but you need to make a start somewhere.

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Would marketing help?

As you may have learnt one good way of finding clients would be to advertise. Even if you do advertise it is not a sure fire way of building a suitable client list. You might get a whole lot of replies to your advertisement many of which will not actually be what you require to start a training schedule with.

Some relevant tips

  • Make sure your personal appearance is like a live advertising tool. If you are in good shape, and your knowledge and passion about training is evident, when you meet and talk to people they will see your potential and offer to sign you on as their personal trainer.
  • You will need to continuously develop your knowledge and expertise based on latest trends when it comes to physical training. By watching TV, and reading training materials, research articles and other material on training, you will have a strongly developed advantage which will help when you talk to people. In fact you also need to remember and use all the lessons.
  • Liaison with people you already know. Let such people know you are in the physical training business and when they observe your passion and knowledge the chances of such people automatically boosting your career chances become possible.
  • In this respect you require very good interpersonal skills as taught. If you are able to jibe well with people and show interest in handling different situations, the more empathy people will have with you. Your skills will not only be admired, but will also prove a sure way of attracting potential clients.
  • You should visit quality gyms and befriend the manager or person in charge. When your positive attitude and skills are noticed, when new clients come along your name would surely pop up as a good personal trainer to hire. You have to be professional and courteous – to succeed in this business.

Other professionals who could be helpful

  • If you have any doctor contacts they would prove excellent referral sources.
  • Baristas too – walk into a classy coffee shop and order a latte. Sporting your training uniform you could in an unobtrusive way make friends with them not forgetting to leave a tip. Sooner or later your profession will become the topic of conversation. You might be in luck, the barista himself might require special physical training, or he might refer you to other customers with whom he is familiar.
  • Real Estate Agents could actually prove a number one target in your neighbourhood. They are in constant touch with people buying and selling property. These agents are excellent at making suggestions to their potential clients about what benefits they can gain in the neighbourhood – and being able to get a good personal trainer would definitely click.
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